Special Topic Class, with Cynthia Broshi

Special Topic Class, with Cynthia Broshi

07 Dec 09:00 - 09 Dec 17:00 - Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan


The Special Topic Classes (STC) gives the opportunity to look at a specific Jin Shin Jyutsu subject in a more detailed and profound way. It offers a chance to study and amplify relationships among the many aspects of Jin Shin Jyutsu, with more interaction between the students and the instructor. The classes address a variety of topics presented by our faculty who bring their individual awareness to bear with smaller groups worldwide, with a flexible format which can vary in size, number of days and subject matter, e.g., Pulses, Body Reading, The Depths, The Methods of Correction, Astrology, Organ Flows, etc.

Prerequisite (unless otherwise stated) is attendance of at least one 5-Day Basic Seminar.

Organizer: Alice Liu
Phone: +886-960708556

Email: alice@mygoodday.com.tw
Address: No 120, Yusheng St; Shilin Dist, Taipei City
Co-Organizer: Power Kuo
Phone: +886-986986864
Email: power@mygoodday.com.tw

City Bug Taïwan - 昆蟲實境 台灣

02 Feb 00:00 - 02 Apr 12:00 02 Feb 00:00 - 02 Apr 12:00 - Taipei Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan
緣起 2011年前, 初抵巴黎, 某天沈浸在巴黎瑪黑區的精緻工藝店家時, 看見了沾水筆與書寫用品專賣店所販售的昆蟲畫作, 霎時內心的靈感也湧上心頭, 想像著水晶亮片與畫作結合的可能性, 當下買了3張畫作, 隨後將蘊藏在腦海中靈感將珠料點綴在這畫作上, 沈澱了一段時日後, 再次回到當初的沾水筆店家詢問老板也就是畫家之一詢問合作的能性, 出乎意料之外...   More info

Mt. Yushan 爬玉山 2019 ( Asia's Trilogy)

23 Mar 15:00 23 Mar 15:00 - Taipei Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan
Mt. Yushan 爬玉山 2019 ( 3952 masl) Highest Mountain in Taiwan Package cost: $500 USD/person Inclusions: -Challenge the Summit Associate team leader -Local English Guide...   More info

桑迪賈迪亞「獲利預測大師課程」 Forecasting Program

14 Apr 00:00 - 23:59 14 Apr 00:00 - 23:59 - Taipei Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan
課程名稱 桑迪賈迪亞 獲利預測大師課程 Forecasting Program by Sandy Jadeja 課程日期 2018年 4月14日 一整天10小時密集課程 課程地點 台北 在價格公布前就事先預測到市場實際價格 真的有可能嗎 答案是可能的 過去18年這號人物已準確預測市場價格並且經常受邀CNBC節目中擔任嘉賓並分享金融市場預測脈動的走向...   More info

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