Jumble sale義賣跳蚤市場x塔羅占卜x異國手作甜點x vintage x塔羅 Holiday ya二手市集

Jumble sale義賣跳蚤市場x塔羅占卜x異國手作甜點x vintage x塔羅 Holiday ya二手市集

24 Nov 11:50 - 18:00 - Taipei
Holiday ya二手市集

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For second-hand goods and trash and treasure,
the Holiday ya Flea Market is a must.
the market only 3min walk from MRT Shandao Temple station exit 6.

This Taipei market is a hot tip and many locals scavenge there for a piece of designer clothing or interesting home wares.
Holiday ya Flea Market have been set up with clear eco-protection goals in mind that are great destinations for budget travelers to go treasure hunting.
created by residents in the surrounding neighborhood, which has about 30 stalls displaying quality used items no longer wanted or needed by households. You will find vintage, bags and leather goods, small electrical appliances and dishes,collectibles, bric-a-brac, recycled and full to the brim with stockpiles of secondhand clothing, and often something you did not know you needed—all in good condition.

every month market coordinated with festivals and special events, making the experience of browsing through a flea market seem like attending a theme party.
Since all of the markets mentioned so far are open to all members of the public, who can register to set up a stand, there are different sellers each time, so on repeat visits you will be presented with new surprises and new treasure to patiently dig out.

10% of the sales proceeds will be donated to the NPO "rabbitsos".

also have
music,handmade food,
animal communicator,
Flea Market,Vintage,Tableware,
Creatives Market,
tarot fortune telling,
photography outing,
Stray rabbit charity bazaar/Adopt bunny..and more

Location▲B1F., No.10, Shaoxing N. St. Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City(MRT Shandao Temple station exit 6 off,turn left)

Can't wait to see you there!



║那就來報名《Holiday ya二手市集》出清家中用不到的東西吧! ║

✎《Holiday ya二手市集》提供攤位想要斷捨離各式物品的男女老少,無論是已經用不到的小物、忘記哪來的禮物贈品、搬家出清或是抽獎拿到的電器家具、古著古董老東西、難以言狀的奇形怪物全部都可以帶來一次出清喔!

✎《Holiday ya二手市集》除公益團體外的各攤位當日所得10%將一起捐給 台灣流浪兔保護協會,讓可愛D流浪兔有個安全的家!

➢時間:2018/10/27(六) 中午 12:00~18:00
➢地點:臺北市中正區 紹興北街10號B1(善導寺捷運站 6號出口 左轉直走;黑貓宅配隔壁大廈)

➢時間:2018/11/24(六) 中午 12:00~18:00
➢地點:臺北市中正區 紹興北街10號B1(善導寺捷運站 6號出口 左轉直走;黑貓宅配隔壁大廈)

愛心義賣跳蚤市場+vintage古著+塔羅占卜+手作甜點+意想不到..再生x愛兔x歡樂=《Holiday ya二手市集》

報名擺攤就能一舉多得! ➢報名說明: goo.gl/qFy9MD



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