Hiking Snow Mountain Xueshan trip 08 Dec 2018 Taiwan

Hiking Snow Mountain Xueshan trip 08 Dec 2018 Taiwan

08 Dec 05:00 - 10 Dec 18:00 - Taipei
Hiking Taiwan Club HTC

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Sorry if You're not interested but can you share with your hiking friends :-) we are making a small FRIENDLY hiking team with Hock Soon from Malaysia.

Day 1 Taipei to Wuling Farm to trailhead to Qika hut.
Day 2 climb to Crying slope then EAST PEAK then 369 Hut.
Day 3 climb to MAIN PEAK then back down to trailhead to Wuling Farm to Taipei

***MAYBE snow in December ! ***
IF it snows : Snow + ice + very LOW TEMPERATURE -5 to +10 and Summit is often very windy !
Rules are CRAMPONS over 1cm, HELMET, ICE AXE + clothing for icy temperature.

It's a little bit harder but it is FUN to walk on the snow !!! It makes a delicious smooth sound when you walk :-)


Hike in 3 days, 2 nights in the Snow Mountain National Park.
For FIT HIKERS with experience of altitude>3000m, 10.9km up : 1 night 2 days
Xueshan is the 2nd easiest peak to climb in Taiwan : suitable for Normal hikers who regularly exercise (Easy for regular HongKong hikers on MacLehose trail or Wilson trail or Lantau trail, easy for regular Singapore SANL hikers ;-) )

Send a message with FB messenger at www.facebook.com/HikingTaiwanClub/

Requires National Park Permit + Police Permit = we must ideally apply 1 month before==> Need your personal info in private message
10 days before is possible but we can not guarantee we'll get permit from National Park, 106 permits only every day...

Dates can be changed according to participants but not on weekends (full) !

FOOD + SLEEPING BAG OPTION : Food in the mountain cooked by aboriginals + sleeping bag

You can rent equipment in Taipei : backpack, walking stick, gas stove, REAL Crampons, helmet, Ice axe... less than 1000 NT for 3 days

Ask any questions in the comments below or Send a message with FB messenger at www.facebook.com/HikingTaiwanClub/

We are volunteers (non paid) passionate hikers and we can not answer right away (busy in our jobs), please be patient, thank you for your understanding
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