Y Treks Mount Nanhu, Taiwan (12 Nov - 17 Nov 2018)

Y Treks Mount Nanhu, Taiwan (12 Nov - 17 Nov 2018)

12 Nov 13:00 - 17 Nov 13:00 - Sanshih
桃園國際機場 Taoyuan International Airport

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Nanhu Dashan, #5 of the Taiwan’s 100 Peaks, is one of the favourite climbs for Taiwan’s Mountaineers. More than double the distance trekked than in Y Treks Xueshan, and taking four days to complete with some people choosing to take five days to fully appreciate the views from all the peaks available on this trek, as well as bask in the solitary and magical existence of Nanhu Cabin, built right in the middle of the Nanhu Vasque with the main peak dominating the sky at the cabin’s doorstep and the East Peak sneaking up right behind.
Undertaking this trek will require participants to contend with at least an 8 to 10 kilogramme load over a distance of nearly 50 kilometres. This trip will satisfy your eye's cravings to see more beautiful sights around the world!

All proceeds of YMCA Outdoor and Adventure trips goes to support the charitable works of YMCA of Singapore.

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25 Oct 14:55 - 30 Oct 10:40 25 Oct 14:55 - 30 Oct 10:40 - Sanshih Sanshih
桃園國際機場 Taoyuan International Airport 桃園國際機場 Taoyuan International Airport
團費 NT$49900.(聯營團體 含小費 送車衣) Day1 號標示 入內參觀 下車參觀 路過參觀 特別安排 台北/廣島空港-廣島 本日集合於桃園國際機場 由專員辦理出境手續後 搭乘豪華客機 前往日本中國地區第一大城市 廣島 參加國際單車活動 入境後專車前往飯店休息 為明天的行程養精蓄銳 貼心準備 日式便當讓貴賓在專車內享用 晚餐 日式便當 住宿...   More info

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